Hey Maria, 

Here's some dragon Images I like quite  a lot. 

1: Scott Gustavson (he's really great and the images have that innocence to them that I like)

2 - 5: Justin Gerard (really good drawer and wonderfull compositions)

6 - 9: Keith Parkinson. Eventhough these dragons are more evil, I do like they way they are build up. He's got some great dragons; The one in the snow is a fantastic image. 

10 - 14: Larry Elmore got some great dragons as well as some nice giants etc. 

I do like the dragons of Keith Parkinson and Larry Elmore quite well, but especially for children books like the feel of the drawings of Justin Gerard and Scott Gustavson more. They feel more suitable for children as well. 

With friendly regards, 


Oostende, Belgium


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