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December 24, 2017

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Starting out in illustration

December 13, 2016

Starting out is never easy and so it is in illustrating. In the months past I've looked around to find opportunities to launch myself in the illustration business. This blog entry is about my first steps into illustrating.


Ever since I was a little boy, I've marveled at the drawn illustrations in books, especially on fantasy subjects and animals. A couple of years ago I found out I could really draw and actually had a talent for it. Ever since my mind has been shifting more and more towards drawing/creating. Attending art school, I realized I absolutely loved drawing.


Last October, just after being made redundant, I did an exercise in what I really considered achievments in my life, and tried to find out why. The analysis tought me I really liked all kind of creative activities, and so I made a well thought through decision then and there to start illustrating.


From reknowned fantasy artist/illustrator Jeff Miracola's fantastic video on acrylic painting techniques and his feedback I knew I'd need a digital aside from a classic portfolio to start out. He also explained how he got his first opportunities at illustrating. His mentality on an illustrator being a business person first and foremost also struck me as the professional person I aim to be.


So I started out by creating this website. It is meant to be my digital portfolio. Because I didn't have any illustrations done yet, I first filled it up with artwork drawings I've done to show clearly I could draw. Next I designed my own portfolio and took steps to see how to make it. The process is longer than expected, but is progressing none the less, and I expect soon to be able to show how I made it in a future blog entry. Aside from the portfolios I realize I'll need to get the business part of doing this under control, so I've taken steps to contact the necessary instances to see what needs to be done.

With the annual war games show Crisis planned beginning of November an opportunity presented itself. I had not yet long taken the decision to start out in illustration, but I didn't have any portfolio yet to be able to show. So I went to the games show and presented myself, asking for contact details and requirements. In total I came home with 11 interested companies. In fact for one of them I came just at the right time as the illustrator they normally work with was not available and they were looking for another one.


Another opportunity came after a call to a long time friend, who is willing to lay some of my drawings before their companies art critic/director for feedback. If they'd be well enough I'd also be taken up in the lsit of potential illustrator contracts.


The first illustrations done were published yesterday on this website as part of my growing portfolio, so feel free to have a browse of them and comment below this article.

I'll catch up with you in the next installment of this blog.


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