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Merry Christmas

December 24, 2017

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Portfolio consistency is King

June 19, 2017

So I've been keeping myself busy for the past months: Learning photoshop, getting this site looking better, drawing classes, studying anatomy, and most important of all, finding out how to get my portfolio in a consistent state. I must say I wasn't sure what was meant with that, until I had the chance to follow the critique of art director Irene Gallo (of Tor Books) to a group of students of Greg Manchess. (I was fortunate to monitor Greg's class).


Anyway, when most students presented their work, the most heard critique Irene had was a lack of consistency in the work they were presenting.Seeing the example and hearing Irene talk, I finally understood what she and other art directors were looking for. Basicly, the art directors want to know for sure if the illustrator they're hiring is able to deliver the material he/she's been selected for.


To make sure of that they look for consistency in the portfolio's: art directors are professionals and they aren't taking any gambles where some illustrator might be able to pull that off. No, they want assurances. Can this guy work with this material, is he able to get that mood across in his works? Those are the kind of questions the art director actually wants to see answered when he looks in someone's portfolio.


With that in mind I've changed the portfolio on this site and removed a number of images. The reason they aren't consistent as a whole. Instead I've added two new images, finished in the last week. These will be the start of that consistent portfolio.


When we were given an assignment in Marc Scheff's morning class to do a Beatrix Potter character I jumped right in and actually finished these two pieces. While Ms Tiggy-Winkle (the hedgehog laundry lady) was long in the running I opted for Mr Jeremy in the end. Both were done in ink and watercolor, and so will the next. Afterwards the images were digitally altered through photoshop.


Here are the two drawings:



























So what's next? Firsl of all I'll mainly stick to the watercolor medium. Second I'll be doing more animals for sure. I'm having a blast drawing and painting them. The fantasy genre will most certainly remain an aspect. Based on that I believe some images of Reynaert the fox are well worth considering.


I'll be posting regular blog entries in the future. commenting on the past week/days.

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