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December 24, 2017

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The kindness of a stranger

November 5, 2017

This week a post on the help I've received from strangers. Well, many of them aren't strangers anymore. If you're reading this, check out if you're interested in something these persons have to offer. While I hope this blogpost will inspire maybe just one of you into acts of kindness, it is also meant as a thank you to these kind-hearted persons for helping me along on my way into illustration.


Well, first on my list:

Krist'l Pappens


I first heard of Krist'l when she came up in the "carreerswitchers" radio program. As a result of Lyme's Disease, she's been forced to switch carreers. During the radio program it was apparant to me that she had information that was of particular interest to me (starting up a business as a secondary profession while on illness).

I decided to ring her up, but couldn't reach her so I left a message. I tried a couple more times but failed each time. Well, I thought that was that and I'd hit a dead end, but then Krist'l rang me up. She had been busy but had collected all the information for me, which she willingly provided without expecting anything in return.

What she did is give that nudge in the right direction, and it means a lot to me. She probably doesn't realize how much it meant to me.

So, if there's anyone interested in fruit juices, make sure you pay a visit to Krist'l's own webshop of freshly made fruit juices at I'm convinced it's kindness in a bottle


Second up:

Louise Cliffs-Minns



Louise is an author of children fiction and a member of the Society of Children Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). I am attending the SCBWI conference at the end of November, and Louise has been very kind in offering advice and helping out with mailing issues. Never written down, but kindness just jumps off of the mails she's written

In fact I know very little about her, but I am convinced that once I return from the conference she'll no longer be a stranger. Thank you very much Louise.


Third up:

The unknown art director

Essen Spiel Boardgame convention, I had been going around all day showing my portfolio to various companies when I visited the stand for the german roleplaying game "Das Schwarzes Auge". What started as a standard portfolio review soon turned into an invaluable chat. While he indicated they had no work for me at that moment, this kind guy took a huge amount of time to go over my portfolio and discuss what I was heading into. He provided pointers on both strong points, weak points of my illustrations, what to expect in a carreer choice to move into illustrations. Really the works. In fact it so blew my mind, that I totally forgot to ask who I had been talking to. 

I feel the advice he's given has unlocked another step on my road onwards, so thanks mr Mystery man.


And then last but most certainly not least:

Pete Berry

I probably first met Pete in 95/96 when he was a GW store manager in Sheffield when I worked there. Having an interest in small scale wargaming miniatures, in later years I've bought a couple of armies of him. We knew each other from an occasional meeting at a wargames show, or an internet purchase. But all that changed last year.

I had just resolved to make a carreer switch into illustration when we spoke again. Pete has offered me the opportunity to do a number of drawings for him, which have since become published. While Pete's statement that he had a business need and I had something to offer is certainly true, there's so much more to it than that. I spoke with him at the Crisis wargaming show yesterday and he was happy to see me, see how much better I looked (I was quite down last year at the time).

The simple matter of the fact is Pete, in all his kindness, went out on a limb for me and took a gamble.

If any of my wargaming friends read this, just pay a visit to

6mm is a blast to play and in my opinion Pete's got the best models on the marked easily. Besides, his service and kindness are legendary.

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