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Christof Simons artist and illustrator



2014 - 2019 Kunstacademie aan Zee

                     Drawing (Danny Bloes)

2019 - Now  Kunstacademie aan Zee

                     Drawing (Lieven Lammens)

2016 - 2019 SmArtschool 

                    Illustration 102 (Marc Scheff)

                    Mentorship (Greg Manchess)



2018 - Fantasy art workshop 

            (Jeff Miracola, Aaron Miller and
             Steve Prescott)

Christof Simons

Born in Ostend, Belgium

Lives & works in Ostend, Belgium


As an artist I'm exploring the middle ground between art and illustration. I have been enjoying paint and brushes since I was painting toy soldiers as a young boy before I moved from the three dimensional to the two dimensional world of art. 

While creating, I want to capture the moment or feeling I am depicting. Movement, composition and brush/pen strokes help me accomplish that so I consider these an important part of my work. Each image is designed to spark a connection with the viewer for more than a fickle moment so they can explore that moment or feeling and drift in my world of paints and dreams. 

Material wise I particularly enjoy painting in oils while I prefer to draw in pen and ink. 

Wildlife, both real, prehistoric or even fantastic, and portaits are favorite subjects of mine.

Inspiration may come from anywhere, particularly nature documentaries, movies, folklore, literature, mythology and horror stories. 

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